• Re-Writing Your Stories

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    As I write this post it is the end of May 2020. It has now been more than eleven weeks since I left the house to go to work or anywhere else that isn’t considered “necessary”. Grateful for this time Honestly, I’m grateful to have […]

  • Are You Practicing Self Love?

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    If you were to ask most people, they would agree that we should all love ourselves. And yet, not only do most people not love themselves in healthy ways, but most don’t even know what positive self love really is. Most people have a negative […]

  • Why Worry?

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    This is a really important post for those who are chronic worriers. Worry is a huge source of stress that can lead to some pretty serious health issues. But you don’t have to struggle with the worry anymore! You have a choice. Why worry?  Many […]

Mental Massage Progressive Relaxation

When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, sometimes you need a little help to relax. Many experts recommend meditation. But when your mind is going 100 mph, it can be challenging to focus your mind long enough to actually meditate. That’s where things like guided meditations […]

Managing Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak [VIDEO]

Most people alive on this planet right now have been impacted in some way by the current outbreak of COVID-19. Whether it’s through having the virus or having normal day to day life altered significantly, we’ve all been facing plenty of additional stress. But holding […]