• The New Dirty Four Letter “F” Word

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    I’ve recently been made aware of a new, dirty four letter “f” word that is plaguing our society these days. The word fail, is a very powerful part of our vocabulary. From a young age, we are taught that any kind of failure is simply […]

  • Being Nourished By More Than Just Food

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    When we think of food, our minds automatically conjure up thoughts of the tasty foods that we use to feed our body. But we are also nourished by more than just food. This “other” food is known as our primary food, because in a way, […]

  • The Art of Surrendering

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    As a recovering control freak in my own life, I have had some very powerful, and sometimes painful lessons that I have had to learn along the way in order to break free from the stress that comes from needing to control things. Learning the […]

Managing Your Energy on Social Media

How often do you find yourself checking your social media accounts? The average person spends 2.22 hours a day on social media.  Not only do people spend time catching up with family and friends. Many people now use social media as a major source for […]