My Approach

My approach is very different than that of those in the medical field. Most doctors look at symptoms, diagnose and illness based on those symptoms and then prescribe the right medication or procedure to help alleviate the symptoms. But most doctors aren’t trained to fully understand how nutritional deficiencies can actually cause many of the diseases that they are treating.

Many of the illnesses that are plaguing people in increasing numbers can be directly related to the food they are eating. Unrecognized food dreamstimefree_9424115allergies and intolerances, processed foods, smoking, stress, medications and toxins found in our food, personal care products and household cleaning products, all deplete vital nutrients that our bodies need to keep us healthy. The result is that more and more people are becoming malnourished without even realizing that it’s happening! The result of this malnourishment is illness, because the body simply doesn’t have adequate supplies of the nutrients that it needs to maintain health.

The good news is, that many of the nagging health issues that have come as a result of a lack of nutrients can be reversed once the body is given the proper tools for healing.

I help my clients to discover which foods work best for their bodies, help them to understand which supplements their bodies need to increase vital stores of nutrients, and help them to feel better than they have in years!


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If you would be interested in learning more about how I can help you to restore your health and feel great again, schedule a free health consultation with me!


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