Cleaning Your House Naturally

Whether you are energy sensitive or not, if you’re like most people you probably don’t give much thought to the types of household cleaners you use all the time. But, the cleaners you use can impact your vibrational level. Everyone can be impacted by the toxic chemicals that fill so many conventional cleaning products. Because of this you may want to consider switching to a more natural approach for cleaning your home.

What is natural housecleaning? Natural house cleaning is replacing toxic, chemical laden cleaning products with all natural, and/or homemade, non-toxic cleaning products. Doing this is healthier for you and your family, because you are no longer inhaling toxic fumes. It’s also much better on the environment. And it’s definitely better for protecting your energy!

One added benefit is that natural housecleaning is much less expensive than purchasing expensive toxic chemical cleaners.

The chemicals found in most store bought household cleaners place added stress on the organs that detoxify your body. And using these cleaners can deplete energy levels, particularly for those who may be sensitive to lower vibrational energy levels. Switching to natural housecleaning removes some of that stress and can protect energy levels! That will help to keep you healthy.

When making the decision to switch to homemade, natural products to clean your house with, there are a few ingredients that you absolutely must have because they work so well. No home should be without them.


Vinegar is a bi-product of fruits, grains and veggies and is safe for consumption as well as a great little cleaner. It is completely safe for the environment, and virtually never goes bad. It is a great all in one, general cleaner and is non-toxic and safe on your hands. And it is also much more cost effective than buying a cupboard full of other cleaners. Compared to other cleaners, it is incredibly effective. And though you may be worried that your house will smell like a pickle, never fear….that scent dissipates very quickly as it draws any other nasty smells from your house.  There are some that claim that using straight white vinegar can kill up between 80-98% of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Baking soda

This little powdery gem is absolutely wonderful for cleaning counters, sinks, tubs, toilets, refrigerators and ovens. So it is one of the best all around appliance cleaners. It is not so great at cleaning glass, so leave that to the vinegar.  If you have problems with odors in your refrigerator or garbage can, then baking soda can quickly and easily neutralize those odors. Baking soda easily cuts grease and is great at getting out stains on your counter top.

All natural liquid soap

All natural soaps, such as Castille soap, are really great to keep around the house for jobs such as washing your car, mopping the floors, cleaning out showers or sinks (and if you have a greasy mess to clean up, just add some vinegar to cut it. Castille soap can be used as dish soap, and even used for personal use in the tub or shower.

Essential oil

Adding essential oils to your homemade natural housecleaning products has several benefits. First, a lot of essential oils, such as peppermint, lemon, bergamot, clove and lemongrass have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and may possibly help to kill germs. Second, when you add a few drops to your cleaning products, it leaves a wonderful scent behind. It can even help to mask the strong scent of the vinegar.

Natural housecleaning definitely has some very appealing benefits for energy sensitives. Most recipes are easy to make and since they are much easier on your wallet, and healthier for you, it’s hard to go wrong with cleaning naturally. Try it today!

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