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Focusing on Positive Living from

If you have spent any time online or watching the news, then you know that here in the US we had a stress filled election this week. The results of that election have many feeling fear, anxiety and sadness of what might happen over the next four years. And the election certainly hasn’t promoted the idea of positive living!

It has made me realize that I need to change the direction of things here with my blog. Not that natural living isn’t a good thing. It is! But I feel as if there is a huge need for more of a focus on POSITIVE living. I feel the need to help people by sharing inspirational things, things that can help so many who are struggling with stress to let go and feel free. To help those who are feeling overwhelmed by fear, anxiety and sadness to reconnect with joy and love.

I have felt this calling in my soul for awhile and there is no better time than right now to begin making those changes to

Does that mean that there won’t be any new recipes? There will be…but that is only going to be par my main focus. The reality is, that I have learned that no matter how well you are eating and how many natural remedies you use, if there are toxic, stress filled emotions that your mind is focused on every single day, that will harm your health more quickly than eating junk food or even smoking!

So while you will be seeing plenty of information on herbs, essential oils and whole foods….you will also be seeing more about what is going on emotionally and spiritually and how you can truly change your life and finding wholeness and joy again!

So many people are struggling and suffering because of the weight of what is happening within them on an emotional level….but together we can make a change for the better! I want to empower you and show you how you can let go of those things that are holding you hostage emotionally! Then you can have emotional freedom that you never knew existed!

Are you ready?

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