Learning to Just Be Yourself

It’s easy to say “just be yourself” to someone. But for many, they don’t realize that they are disconnected from who they really are. Society likes people who conform, and so from an early age, we often are told that if we are different in any way that it is “bad”.

Parents, teachers, peers, siblings, friends, spouses, collegues…all give feedback to who we are every day. And they often hold their own opinions about what they think you should do, how they feel you should act and who they feel you should be.

Because of this, there is often pressure to conform to what others want of us so that we can gain their approval. But this comes at a high cost. We can wind up giving up parts of who you truly are, just to make others happy.


The other cost is the stress and tension that is created by not aligning with who you truly are. For many people this type of chronic stress can go on for years, or even decades. And it can contribute to a long list of health issues such as digestive problems, depression, anxiety, headaches, weight problems, insomnia and more.

I certainly have been guilty of this in the past. But as I moved away from needing the approval of others, and back to being the fullness of who I really am, I began to understand that in trying to make others happy, I was denying parts of myself that not only do I need…but the world needs as well.

Many people are guilty of this as well. If you believe you’ve done this as well, it’s never too late to reconnect with who you really are. The world needs you…the fullness of you. And that means showing them the flawed, unique, quirky, brilliance of who you are. Don’t hide that away any longer!

How to start reconnecting with your authentic self

Start paying attention to how you are feeling

I’m amazed by how often I used to ignore how I was really feeling about things in my life. It is so easy to get into the pattern of disregarding how you feel or even stuffing down emotions that aren’t so comfortable. Just spending a few moments sitting and recognizing how you are feeling without judgement is a very valuable way to begin reconnecting with yourself!

Check out what you are thinking

What kinds of thoughts are you thinking about yourself? If you are constantly putting yourself down and being critical of different aspects of you, then it may be time to make some changes. How does it feel when you are negative towards yourself? I would guess it doesn’t make you feel great. But what if you switched to thoughts that empowered and uplifted you? That would be SO much better!

Make you time a priority!

In this busy modern world it has become so common for most women to forego self-care on a regular basis. For some reason, we’ve come to believe that taking care of our basic needs is selfish. That type of thinking needs to be changed…and fast! Without taking time out to nurture your body, mind and spirit, your energetic well WILL run dry. When that happens, you will get sick, maybe even chronically. You will have nothing left to give to those who need you. When you regularly take time to take care of you, you will discover that you have so much more energy to complete the things you need to complete and take care of the people you need to take care of!

Listen to your body

Our bodies speak to us all the time! But we’ve become so overloaded by external stimulation that we’ve begun to tune out the messages we are being sent. How long has it been since you truly felt hunger, or thirst? What about aches and pains that you ignore? Take some moments throughout your day to check in with your body and give attention to how it’s feeling. Do a quick body scan and pay attention to each part of your body. Check for little aches and pains and listen to how your body is speaking to you.

These are just a few ways you can begin to reconnect with who you really are! As you learn to be yourself, you will begin to discover things about yourself that you didn’t know. It’s a fascinating but wonderful process, so enjoy learning more about yourself and your body.

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