Online Choir Brings Joy in Challenging Times

It’s always amazing to me to see the human spirit soar and creativity shine during challenging times. And being a singer and music director professionally myself, I love this story!

One of the unfortunate impacts of self-isolating to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is that many people who enjoy singing together can’t do that while social distancing is encouraged. So many choral rehearsals and band practices have been cancelled.

But for many singers, those rehearsals are a major way that they express themselves creatively. And in times of stress, being able to express yourself creatively is important.

James Sills decided to do something about it! To give people the opportunity to gather together virtually and sing during the Coronavirus outbreak, he created the Sofa Singers. Hundreds of people have been gathering regularly online. In the process, James teaches the group a classic song. He even teaches some optional harmony parts. They rehearse for 45 minutes and then do a collective “performance”.

One recent participant tweeted her experience

Are you a singer and looking for a way to connect with others while rehearsals are on hiatus? You can sign up to sing with the Sofa Singers here!

What a great way to connect with others and express yourself creatively at the same time! Definitely a feel good, high vibe experience!




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