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I’d like to welcome you to My motto is “Inspired Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit.”, and that’s exactly what I do…inspire you to take control of your own health, and give you tools to help you restore your health. When I say the word “health”, you may think about diet and exercise. But restoring your health takes much more than that! It truly is a body, mind and spirit process. And it’s all tied to stress.

Stress in some form is linked to 100% of all illness, and that stress comes in all shapes and sizes. You have internal stress that comes as a result of thoughts, emotion, beliefs and mindset. There is also external stress that is the result of environmental toxins, relationships, life events and additives found in the food and products that you use to clean your home and yourself.

I am here to help you to begin chipping away at the hidden sources of stress that are causing symptoms and making you sick! I will help you uncover areas of your body that are experiencing dysfunction and imbalances and help you to find ways to begin supporting your body so that it can heal.

It is time to take back your own health and I will empower you to do that!