The Road to Becoming a Functional Health Coach

The Road to Becoming a functional health coach from #functionalhealthcoach #healthcoaching

I am now on the path to becoming a functional health coach….come learn more about my journey!

If you’ve ever read my about me section, you will know that I have gotten a few coaching certifications over the past several years. I have trained as a stress management coach. I also studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition out of NYC and became a holistic health coach in 2013. That program really focuses on helping people to change how their eating. It also teaches how to support the other things in their life that nourish them as well, such as relationships, career, spiritual life and physical activity.  I have to say that I’ve seen some people who have transformed their life significantly by making these lifestyle changes.

But I’ve also seen something else that has been a little frustrating for me. I’ve seen lots of people who have struggled to feel better after changing diet, adopting an exercise routine and making other lifestyle changes. Those things alone just weren’t enough to fully heal so many! It is hard to watch people continue to struggle after making major lifestyle changes. But it’s even more frustrating knowing that you can’t help them fully get well! But I am passionate about doing just that. And when you are passionate about helping others feel better, it makes you determined to find a solution!

Of course, making those changes hasn’t been enough for me either. I still have struggled with hormonal imbalances and weight that was really difficult to get rid of!

Studying with FDN

So I knew that I needed to find a different approach. I am currently studying with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition….a health coaching certification program that offers a functional approach to helping the body heal.  Most medicine…including alternative medicine looks at symptoms and is about treating them, not getting to the root of dysfunction in the body. The FDN program looks at underlying imbalances in the body and finds great opportunities to heal the body. It doesn’t focus on helping symptoms, diagnosing or “treating” disease.

The program then teaches how to develop specific protocols that use diet, quality sleep, exercise, regular stress management and the proper supplementation to help restore balance and health!

It has been really exciting listening to other FDN practitioners talk about what great results they’ve gotten with their clients! But one element of the program is that I also have to be tested and go through the healing part of the protocol myself! I’m finally going to be finishing my own healing journey while discovering new tools to help others!

More great healing information!

I’m going to be sharing more of the amazing information that I’m learning. Information about blood sugar levels, hormones, oxalates, diet, sleep, stress and so much more! This blog is going to contain a lot of great information that can help you heal….but I will still continue to share great recipes, as well as healthy personal care and household cleaning products, because toxins do contribute to so many chronic illnesses!

I will also continue to talk a lot about stress and how to reduce it! Stress plays a HUGE part in chronic illness! Stress can come in many forms. It can be mental and emotional, but it can also come from the toxins found in our food, household cleaners, personal care products and environment.

Although you can never completely remove all exposure to all of these types of stress, you can certainly reduce them, and I will continue to help show you how!

I’m inviting you on the journey with me!  I can’t wait to become a functional health coach and I really can’t wait to share what I learn so that we can reclaim health….together!

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