Why Adults Need to Reconnect to Magic In Their Life

It’s only November 14th and I’ve been sitting at home the past two weeks watching Christmas movies. I absolutely LOVE the holiday season. And as I was watching movies yesterday I started asking myself what it is about Christmas that I love so much. Is it the presents, music or decorations? Those all play a part…but it’s about something bigger than that for me. For me, the holiday season is a beautiful and magical time of the year. And I feel that magic throughout the holiday season. In fact, when the holidays are over it’s pretty sad for me and for others who also feel the magic of the season.

Of course, there are other times that I feel magic. When I spend a weekend at the beach, I feel it. I feel it a lot when I’m visiting Disney World. It’s there when I go out and visit someplace new or try something for the first time. But I also feel it in little moments. Watching the fireflies on a warm summer night. Watching one of my dogs while they are dreaming (they often bark or move their legs like they are running in their sleep). Looking at a rainbow after a storm.

Children believe in magic

There is magic all around us…all of the time.  As children, we see and feel the magic. And we believe in it all of the time. When we’re young we find magic in the most ordinary things. And we are experts at creating magic as well. Our imaginations know no limits and we believe we can create anything…even if it’s only imaginary. The result is that most children experience much less stress.

But then we go to school and we begin to be taught how to follow directions and rules. We are shown how to think and who to be. Boundless creativity is not encouraged as we get older. In fact it is discouraged. Magic becomes something that we only experience during times when it is socially acceptable because as we grow into adulthood, we must be “realistic”.

Many adults are uncomfortable with a creative spirit

Now I’ve always been a pretty quirky girl. I have a wildly creative mind and a great imagination. Unfortunately, many adults in my life when I was younger didn’t like my creative spirit. And they taught me that my creative spirit was “bad”. I needed to be responsible, organized and take charge. As I learned that who I was wasn’t good enough because I was different I did to try to fit in and be more acceptable.

I began to try to stuff who I really was down with food. And trying to be who others wanted me to be for so long created a whole lot of stress…that made me sick. Not being true to who I was led me to being morbidly obese, having reflux, allergies, tons of anxiety and depression. And I was miserable. The real me wanted to be set free.

And I wanted to reconnect with the magical things in the world all around me. After my mom passed away I realized how short life really is. And I went on a quest to reconnect with the quirky, creative girl that I really am. These days I’m not afraid to try things that are out of the ordinary. I’m even having an adult princess party for my birthday this year. What is better than having an excuse to wear gowns and tiaras and go and do fun and unexpected things out on the town! It’s fun to create a little magic for an evening!

And I want to create even more magic in the world! And we need it desperately!

Adults and stress

There are so many adults that are overloaded with stress and don’t even realize how much of it they are creating themselves. They’re wrapped up in the overwhelming negativity of the world, weighed down by watching the news every day. They are immersed in negativity on social media, complaining with colleagues, gossiping with friends. They are angry, frustrated, negative, scared and hopeless. But most don’t realize that there is another way.

We choose how we think every day. And we choose what we surround ourselves with. So why would you want to continue to surround and subject yourself to things that are creating even more stress in your life? It doesn’t even make sense. And yet, adults everyday get sucked into the vortex of negativity…willingly. I personally stopped watching the news years ago. It doesn’t feel good! I still scan headlines, but I’m not immersed in that negativity.

And I’ve also unfollowed some people on social media. There are some people who take being a negative Nelly to an extreme. And I realized that those people who want to bash others because they’re in an opposing political party or hold different beliefs affect how I feel….and create more stress when I read their negative posts on social media. It’s not my job to attempt to change them, but I don’t need to allow their negativity to impact my life either!

Forgetting play

Besides being submerged in negativity, adults in general have forgotten how to play. We no longer know to be silly, creative and create amazing things without limitations. We don’t feel as if we have permission to create vast worlds in our imagination that we did when we were children. But we need to be doing that more often. We need to play like children.

Playing is amazing stress reduction! Getting out and laughing with others, having fun and letting go of being an adult for awhile.  We need to stop being offended by everything, stop taking ourselves too seriously and get back to playing! Adulting is way overrated! And playing is one great way to reconnect with magic. And I simply can’t live without finding some magic, even in the mundane! Can you?

So instead of focusing on stress management, I want to focus on how to play more, laugh more, create more, have more fun, recapture magic in your life and live with joy! I’m going to show you how to let go of old thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are keeping you stuck in stress so that you can get back to joyful living.

Letting go of those will allow more gratitude, love, wonder, joy and laughter into your life. Those are very magical! And as you connect with the magic, your health will improve. Your relationships will get better. You’ll start having more energy, and a sense of purpose in life.

Are you ready to learn how to play again? I’ll show you how!

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