Why You Need a Healthy Lymphatic System

Why you need a healthy lymphatic system from Kathrynseppamaki.com #healthyliving

Most people have never heard of the body’s lymphatic system.  But because people are unaware of this system and it’s function in the body, they do little to maintain it and keep it healthy. The lymphatic system is a drainage system that contains a network of vessels called lymph nodes. These nodes circulate a thin, white, watery fluid called lymphatic fluid.

What does the lymphatic system do?

The main purpose of the lymphatic system is to filter toxins, hormones, viruses and bacteria, germs and other matter from the body.  After these things are filtered through the lymphatic system, they are delivered to the kidneys, liver, spleen, skin and other organs for detoxification and removal from the body. The lymphatic system supports the immune system and provides important support which help to keep the body free from disease.  As a delivery system, it also helps to shuttle oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

The lymphatic system parallels the circulatory system, and is similar. But it differs from the circulatory system in one major way. The movement of the circulatory system comes from the consistent pumping of the heart which continuously pumps blood through the blood vessels.  But with the lymphatic system, there is no pump to move lymphatic fluid through the body. The pumping action actually comes from outside of the body itself, through our action because the lymphatic system needs our help to filter out toxins. Without that help, there will be a buildup of excess fluid in the tissues, and increase in toxins circulating through the body and an increase in viruses and disease.

How to move the lymphatic system

There are a few ways that you can manually activate your lymphatic system to help keep yourself healthy. The best ways to do this are through exercise, deep breathing, manual lymphatic massage and skin brushing. Aerobic exercise of any type will help to move the lymph. Two of the best forms of exercise you can do are walking and rebounding. Rebounding is the absolute best form of exercise for gently moving the lymphatic fluid through the body. Rebounding is jumping on a small trampoline, also known as a rebounder. When you bounce, each time you land on the mat, the gentle impact encourages a rush of lymphatic fluid to move through the lymph nodes.


Skin brushing takes only a few minutes and is a gentle and relaxing way to increase your immune system. Do this right before you take a shower each day.

There are so many toxins that can overwhelm the body. And they have to go somewhere. Stress, germs, viruses, bacteria, medication, chemical food additives, smoking, alcohol consumption and environmental toxins all are filtered through the lymphatic system. Without filtering those toxins, they can buildup in the body and can ultimately begin to cause an increase in health issues.

When you consciously do what you can to keep your lymphatic system healthy, it will strengthen your immune system and you will be able to fight viruses and disease much more easily. You will gain energy and feel so much better as well!

Lets go and circulate some lymph!

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